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Now that director Zack Snyder has seemingly confirmed that Lex Luthor will be part of the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" movie, attention can turn to just who will play the iconic bald villain.

The rumor mill has already churned through several names, like Bryan Cranston, but The Superman Super Site (via has a new actor to add to the mix: Terry O'Quinn.

Sources tell the fan site that the actor -- best known for playing John Locke on the hit ABC series "Lost" -- is on the short list for the diabolical mastermind.

Physically, O'Quinn is a great match to play Luthor, and in "Lost," "666 Park Avenue," and other guest television roles, has proven he can be mysterious and menacing.

Still, it's not 100 percent that Luthor will be in "Batman vs. Superman," and until Snyder announces a name, all rumors should be taken with a grain -- really, a whole shaker -- of salt.

[via Superman Super Site, h/t JoBlo]

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