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The alien invasion of Earth won't take place for another year.

The sequel to "Independence Day," "ID Forever Part 1," has been pushed back a year, to July 1, 2016, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Set 20 years after the original 1996 movie, the two-part sequel sees another invasion of aliens after the first wave sent a distress call for reinforcements.

"The humans knew that one day the aliens would come back," director Roland Emmerich told EW.
"And they know that the only way you can really travel in space is through wormholes. So for the aliens, it could take two or three weeks, but for us that's 20 or 25 years."

It's not clear yet if Will Smith will reprise his role as Captain Steven Hiller. Based on previous statements from Emmerich, it seems likely that the movie's hero will be Hiller's stepson. That lines up with the rumor that Michael B. Jordan is up for a major part in "ID Forever Part 1."

Summer 2016 is shaping up to be a busy one for movie fans: In addition to "Independence Day 2," the next "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Finding Dory," and "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" will all debut then.

[via Entertainment Weekly]
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