This first trailer for "Divergent" is here, and it's whetting our appetites for the action-packed adventures of Tris Prior. It actually gives a pretty good boilerplate summary of the plot, which can actually be a little unwieldy to explain to folks who have never picked up the Veronica Roth novels.

Shailene Woodley looks great as Tris, the young woman who abandons her family to join the Dauntless, a particularly badass faction of their futuristic society. We get a look at the scary personality test that reveals her mysterious and dangerous status as a "Divergent," a person who has characteristics of more than one faction. There's also a few peeks at the scope of the movie, and eagle-eyed fans will notice the fairgrounds looming in the background of one shot. Plus, there's plenty of icy cold Kate Winslet stalking around as Jeanine Matthews, who seems to be close to sniffing out Tris's secret.

And then there's Four, played by Theo James. He's a mentor with a secret, and that secret isn't just that he's a muscle-bound hunk with a back full of tattoos, although there's that too. So much smoldering! And fighting! And jumping onto and off of trains and buildings and such!

"Divergent" hits theaters on March 21, 2014. Meanwhile, we'll be over here writing our "Hunger Games"/"Divergent" fan fiction where Katniss and Tris become best friends forever.