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UPDATE: Puzzle solved! Here's the full poster for "Justin Bieber's BELIEVE."
justin bieber believe poster
Original article: Attention @justinbieber fans! Are you ready to prove that you're a true Belieber? Today, Moviefone is one of three sites debuting four pieces from the brand-new poster for "Justin Bieber's BELIEVE." But you'll need to collect all 12 pieces, put them together, and tweet your completed poster image with the hashtag #BelieveMoviePoster in order to unlock the full-size poster.

Below, you will find one (1) piece of the puzzle, which is one of the 12 pieces you'll need to complete the poster. To find the others pieces, search Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the hashtag #BelieveMoviePoster. Once you've found all 12 pieces, print them, assemble the entire poster, tweet the image to #BelieveMoviePoster, and be the first to unlock the brand-new "BELIEVE" poster!

Two more sites will be posting the remaining pieces, so start searching.

And here's more good news: if you don't find the poster yourself, don't worry. We'll be posting the new poster in its entirety as soon as the scavenger hunt is solved.

Tickets for @BelieveMovie go on sale Friday, November 15. It's in theaters everywhere Christmas Day, December 25, 2013.
Justin Bieber Believe poster piece 5
Justin Bieber's Believe Movie Poster
Justin Bieber's Believe
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