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There are few public figures more controversial than the disgraced cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong. A seeming all-American hero who beat the odds and came out on top... all of which was washed away when allegations that he had essentially cheated his way to victory turned out to be true. Goodbye, medals! Goodbye, everyone-wearing-those-cheesy-yellow-arm-bands! Hello, public ridicule and scorn!

Last week a documentary about the cyclist, "The Armstrong Lie," opened, and there are at least two movies about the athlete in active development (one being developed by J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot shingle). The first dramatic movie out of the gate, though, seems to be picking up steam -- according to The Wrap, "The Hobbit" star Lee Pace has just joined the untitled Lance Armstrong drama being directed by Stephen Frears ("The Queen"), alongside Ben Foster (who plays Armstrong), "Thor 2" scene stealer Chris O'Dowd and "Friday Night Lights"/"Breaking Bad" star Jesse Plemons.

The script for this Armstrong movie was written by frequent Danny Boyle confederate John Hodge (who most recently collaborated with the director on this year's weirdly under-seen "Trance") and produced by Working Title Films. It's based on David Walsh's book "Seven Deadly Sins: My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong" (O'Dowd plays Walsh in the movie).

Lance Armstrong's story is one of near Shakespearean tragedy, and the creative team and cast assembled for this movie are insanely talented and will do an amazing job. This could be the case of the first movie out of the gate also being the best. Sorry, J.J.

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Actor Chosen For Lance Armstrong Biopic
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