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After stealing every scene he was in as the villain in last year's triumphant James Bond outing "Skyfall" (he didn't chew the scenery as much as gobbled it up whole), Javier Bardem could be back in bad guy mode for Warner Bros' upcoming "Peter Pan" tale "Pan." But he wouldn't play the villain you were probably expecting...

According to the report on Deadline, Bardem wouldn't be playing Captain Hook, the famous adversary of Peter Pan; instead he would be playing the real life historical figure of Blackbeard. (Blackbeard was recently integrated into a fantastical story courtesy of "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides;" in that film the villainous pirate was played by a wonderfully over-the-top Ian McShane.) This is kind of odd, no? Although considering the "origin story" conceit of this take on "Peter Pan," we could very easily see Blackbeard, say, lose his hand in the third act only to replace it with a hook...?

In the same Deadline report, they rundown the supposed plot of the new script by Jason Fuchs. In the script "an orphan is taken to the magical world of Neverland, where he becomes the savior of the natives and leads a rebellion against evil pirates. Bardem would play the captain of the bad guys, Blackbeard." Huh. Guess that works.

Before "Skyfall," Bardem played a psychopathic killer in "No Country for Old Men," a performance that deservedly won him an Oscar. The actor can currently be seen in Ridley Scott's WTF-worthy crime thriller "The Counselor," which was written by "No Country for Old Men" author Cormac McCarthy.

"Pan" will supposedly be directed by "Pride & Prejudice" and "Hanna" filmmaker Joe Wright, which would be really, really cool. Securing Bardem would be a huge coup. There are few actors who can do smoldering menace quite as well as Bardem. He can turn your blood into ice water with little more than a lengthy stare. That's talent.

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Javier Bardem on Playing the 'Bad Guy'

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