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The movie-going public's thirst for all things supernatural has not yet been slaked, which is good news for fans of James Wan's "Insidious" and bad news for the series' haunted Lambert family, who will be back for a third go-round in the spring of 2015.

The "Saw" director and writer Leigh Whannell traded their implements of torture for old-fashioned scares a few years ago with the first low-budget "Insidious," and it's paid off, to say the least. The sequel made a cool $148.9M around the world, with just a $5 million budget. Although right now the only person attached to the project is Whannell, it's safe to assume that stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne will go once more unto the breach.

Wan is also responsible for one of the year's scariest flicks, "The Conjuring," which earned an R rating simply due to how freaking terrifying it was. Incidentally, Wilson also appears in "The Conjuring" as the real-life paranormal PI Ed Warren, alongside Vera Farmiga as Lorraine. There are reports that "The Conjuring" is also set to become a ghostly franchise. Is Wilson the new go-to guy for everything ghoulish?

Meanwhile, James Wan is filming "Fast & Furious 7," which is due in theaters next July. No word on whether or not Jigsaw will have a cameo, but we're hoping The Rock will show that little puppet what's up.

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'Insidious 3' Announced
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