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Emile Hirsch has the blessing of John Belushi's widow to portray the late comedian in an upcoming biopic. But that doesn't mean everyone in the family is happy with the casting.

Jim Belushi, John's younger brother, told TMZ that while he thinks Hirsch is "a terrific actor," the role of John should have gone to someone else: Jim's son, Robert.

"My son is 33, the same age as John when he passed," Jim explained to TMZ. "He looks like him, and he's a comic actor. He's really good. ... He would nail it."

It's true that Robert's resemblance to his late uncle is uncanny (see above), though we have to think Jim's got a bit of a bias with wanting to cast his own kid in the film. Still, do you think Hirsch was the right call? Or should Robert Belushi have been given a shot at the part?

There's no timeframe yet for the movie's release; maybe Robert can score a cameo in the meantime to appease the Belushi family bloodline.

[via TMZ]
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