Channing Tatum posted a video on his own YouTube page from the set of "22 Jump Street," inspired by the recent Volvo commercial with Jean-Claude Van Damme, and it is, in a word, magnificent.

In case you missed the original commercial, JCVD is balanced between two trucks driving parallel to each other (and backwards). As the trucks slowly move apart, the action master's legs are forced into "the most epic of splits." We're also treated to a serious monologue about his career, which then fades into ENYA. ENYA, PEOPLE.

Tatum's take looks like it was filmed on the spur of the moment, maybe after the guys saw the video and had a few beers and thought this would be hilarious. And you know what? They're right. Tatum is sporting his "22 Jump Street" hairdo, his trailer is nearby, and he's perched on two food carts from craft service, which are being slowly pulled apart by crew members. Enya plays in the background while other folks behind them look on in confusion. There's a monologue. It's amazing.

Cut to Tatum rolling around on the ground, cussing and possibly having pooped himself after those splits went awry. (We don't believe he can't rock the splits; we've seen those dance movies he's in!)

"22 Jump Street" will be crashing into theaters next June. It co-stars Jonah Hill, and Ice Cube will also be revisiting his role as cranky Captain Dickson. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are directing, and Michael Bacall penned the script. Happy Wednesday.

[via MTV]
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