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If wishes were horses, Tom Cruise could convince Jack Nicholson to play a creepy ex-prez with a taste for the ladies and the liquor in an upcoming comedy called "El Presidente." That's easier said than done, as Nicholson is busy being "semi-retired" except for the occasional movie and front row awards show appearance. Apparently, director Doug Liman and Cruise went to Nicholson's house to give him the hard sell on the script. It does seem kinda perfect for Nicholson, especially after a few years of limp flicks like "How Do You Know" and "The Bucket List."

Cruise is on board to play the Secret Service agent assigned to the former prez, who was originally the VP until the standing president died on the job. Talk about failing upward! When his life is threatened, the two of them have to make a quick escape and things get funny. Like, ha ha funny, not weird funny, but maybe both! The original script was written by Dan Goor, who has worked on "The Daily Show," "Parks and Rec," and "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," and is the co-creator of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." (Maybe there will be a tiny horse for "El Presidente" to ride. RIP, Lil Sebastian!)

At one point, Robert Downey Jr. was being considered for the role of "America's worst former president," but now Cruise is pushing hard for Nicholson. According to Bloomberg News, the mandatory retirement age for agents is 57 so it's not outlandish that Cruise could play a dude on duty, but it does seem a little odd, especially given what we've learned about the duties of a Secret Service agent from watching "Scandal." Nicholson, however, would probably kill it as a boozy, horny old former president.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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