In the new trailer for "Sabotage," Arnold Schwarzenegger sports a Hitler youth haircut and some insane guns (we're talking about both the firearms he wields and the size of his arms), playing an elite DEA agent whose recovery of a large stash of cartel money mysteriously goes missing, after which other members of his crew start turning up dead. It's like "Ten Little Indians" meets "Traffic." And it looks really, really cool.

The just-released trailer, courtesy of Yahoo, shows that, apparently, to be an elite member of the DEA, you have to have funny hair (facial or otherwise), a ton of tattoos, and be big enough to step sideways through most door frames. The cast looks pretty impressive, with an ensemble that includes Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams, Terrence Howard, Joe Manganiello and Mireille Enos, and direction courtesy of David Ayer, who helmed last year's bummer cop drama "End of Watch."

While Schwarzenegger's recent post-politics output has been spotty at best (hello, "Escape Plan"), this looks like a genuinely thrilling ride, and the combination of an Agatha Christie-style thriller and a large scale action adventure centered around the escalating war with the drug cartels, is pretty ingenious. Also, Arnold will kill a bunch of people, which is always cool.

"Sabotage" opens on April 11, 2014.