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When "Princess Bride" fans want something, Cary Elwes says, "As you wish." The actor will make legions of Buttercup and Westley fans happy by writing a memoir about the classic fairy-tale movie.

Elwes has signed a deal to pen a behind-the-scenes book titled "As You Wish: Tales From The Princess Bride." It will include his personal recollections of filming the movie, as well as interviews with co-stars Robin Wright and Billy Crystal and a foreword by director Rob Reiner.

"The Princess Bride" celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, and the cast and crew gathered for a special screening at the New York Film Festival. At the time, Elwes admitted he hadn't seen the movie since it premiered in 1987, but called it "just perfect."

"As You Wish: Tales From The Princess Bride" is due out in 2014.
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