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J.R.R. Tolkien's novels and the movies adapted from them have been phenomenal successes, with the films alone generating more than $4 billion. And now, fans can better get to know the man behind the classic "Lord of the Rings" works in an upcoming biopic.

The L.A. Times reports that Fox Searchlight has commissioned a script by Tolkien scholar David Gleeson. The movie would trace the author's life from his childhood in South Africa and England to his time at Pembroke College to his stint as a soldier in World War I, and examine how both of those experiences forever shaped his literary style.

Previous attempts to produce a biopic on Tolkien never got off the ground, including "Mirkwood," a fantastical treatment that was blocked by the author's estate. The L.A. Times notes that it's unclear if Fox Searchlight's project has the estate's sign-off.

The Tolkien biopic would join a genre filled with acclaimed movies and performances, from "Finding Neverland" to "The Hours" to "Capote."
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