mrs doubtfire cast where are they nowIn 1993, Robin Williams could do no wrong -- even when wearing a dress.

The comedian starred in "Mrs. Doubtfire," which opened November 24, as a divorcing dad who is forced to masquerade as an elderly British nanny to see his children. And not just any nanny, but the kindest (yet sternest) caretaker who cooks, cleans, plays soccer, and just happens to pee standing up.

The film was the second highest-grossing movie of the year (behind "Jurassic Park") with a total of $441 million worldwide. It also won the Academy Award for Best Makeup and earned Golden Globes for Robin Williams and Best Picture (Musical/Comedy).

A sequel, which was floated around in 2001, never got underway. While Williams has been doubtful (ha!) about the likelihood of a sequel, earlier this year, director Chris Columbus told HuffPostLive it might be back on track. "[Robin and I] have talked about it, and the studio is interested in it." The best part: Mrs. Doubtfire herself won't have aged a day!

But where's the rest of the cast? A few have quit acting (so good luck getting them back for a sequel) but most are still going strong, 20 years later.
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Mrs. Doubtfire
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