There are few movies with a more lurid fog of fascination built up around them than Lars von Trier's two-part sex epic (we really keep pushing for "sexpic" to become a thing -- will it ever?) "Nymphomaniac." Charting the complete sexual history of one woman (played by frequent von Trier punching bag Charlotte Gainsbourg) from adolescence to adulthood, it is said to feature hardcore sex (courtesy of porn star stand-ins) and has thus far built an air of sleazy gorgeousness around it, thanks to those amazing "orgasm face" posters and brief clips that emphasize its forbidden appeal. Well, a full trailer has dropped, of course NSFW, and it only intensifies our fascination.

It's mostly herky jerky images cut to European heavy metal (is that Rammstein?), it does at least allude to what the narrative of "Nymphomaniac" is, primarily that Joe (Gainsbourg) is found beaten in an alley by Stellan Skarsgard's character, and from that point she tells the story of how she got to that alley, mostly through her sexual experiences. And some of it does look, admittedly, pretty hot, although the whole body double aspect kind of ruins some of the fun.

Some version of the film will be released on Christmas Day in Denmark, although it's unclear as to whether or not it's the full, uncut, two-part version or some kind of truncated theatrical cut. Magnolia is handling distribution stateside and is keeping decidedly mum, although it was announced earlier today that while von Trier is welcome back to the Cannes Film Festival (after his Nazi comments a few years back), "Nymphomaniac," uncut or otherwise, isn't allowed to compete at the 2014 festival. Well that's enough to make even the most virile film fan go limp.