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Spike Lee's "Oldboy," which opens next week, features Josh Brolin as a character who is mysteriously imprisoned and, 20 years later, just-as-mysteriously released. It's then that he's got to figure out who locked him away (and why) and exact merciless revenge on the perpetrators. And one of the way the story drives forward comes courtesy of its propulsive score by Spanish composer Roque Baños. And we've got three exclusive tracks that will fling you through the darkened, blood-splattered corridor that is "Oldboy."

'Oldboy' Soundtrack - Track 6 - 'I Will Find You'

'Oldboy' Soundtrack - Track 9 - 'Closing In'

'Oldboy' Soundtrack - Track 17 - 'Destiny'

Earlier this year Baños composed the score for his first American movie, the gore-stained remake of "Evil Dead," proving that he could make the transition seamlessly. (The score was one of the few great things about that movie.) As you can hear in these tracks, Baños offers up some more wonderfully evocative music moments, this time combining the unrelenting, Bernard Hermann-esque strings with gentle, sweeping piano work and electronic flourishes (which sometimes give it the feeling of a 21st century spaghetti western).

This kind of score is especially tricky because you don't want to telegraph any of the emotions or surprises, which is something that the composer does beautifully. The main theme, which you'll get to hear throughout the pieces, almost acts like a theme would in a superhero movie, urging Brolin forward on his quest for vengeance and self-discovery.

We implore you, of course, to watch the finished movie and hear the rest of this brilliant score, in order to fully appreciate exactly what Baños pulled off.

"Oldboy," which costars Elizabeth Olsen, Sharlto Copley and Samuel L. Jackson, opens on November 27th. While the full soundtrack won't be available until mid December, you can check out the full track listing below.

1."Titles/One Man's Journey"
2. "Alcohol Haze"
3. "Day One"
4. "Sabotage"
5. "Dear Daughter"
6. "I Will Find You"
7. "20 Years After"
8. "Hello Joseph"
9. "Closing In"
10. "Mano a Mano"
11. "Fight"
12. "Don't hurt her"
13. "Proposition"
14. "Past Unraveled"
15. "Showdown"
16. "Bitter Sweet Revenge"
17. "Destiny"
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