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As George Michael once so eloquently put it: you've got to have faith. This is never more true than the actors who get involved in Marvel projects, since the company is usually so secretive that those involved only get a sliver of information before actually making the movie. This is what happened with Chris Pratt, who stars in next summer's "Guardians of the Galaxy." As the "Parks and Recreation" star revealed to Fandango, he had to sign on to the film, the first in a potential franchise that could last a decade or more, without even reading the script.

Pratt plays Star-Lord, an intergalactic bad-ass and member of the titular Guardians, a fringe group filled with characters like Rocket Raccoon, an anthropomorphic rodent (voiced by Bradley Cooper), and Groot, a talking tree-man. Yes, "Guardians of the Galaxy" will be reaching far into the weirdest, most cosmic corners of the Marvel Universe. Not that it mattered much to Pratt.

"Just the fact that he was part of the Marvel brand was really exciting," Pratt told Fandango. "I was signed up to do the movie before I was even allowed to read a script, so it wasn't like something about this particular character that got me to do it. The fact that it was a Marvel movie is what got me to do it."

Of course, once Pratt did read the material, he was even more jazzed to be a part of it. And based on the footage we saw at this summer's Comic-Con and D23 Expo, everyone should be excited about this movie. It looks amazing.

"Granted, once I did read it there were so many things about the character that I love, and one thing is that he's very much a kid at heart," Pratt said. "He's like a man-child. And I like the idea that he's got a false sense of bravado. Deep down inside he's lonely and desperate. But on the outside he walks around like he's big and tough, and I don't think he does a great job of convincing everybody that he's not just a scared little child."

"Guardians of the Galaxy" opens on August 1, 2014.
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