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Earlier this month, Clint Eastwood's daughter and Jonah Hill's brother got hitched in Vegas. Eight days later, the pair are seeking a quickie annulment following their quickie wedding.

TMZ reports that Francesca Eastwood and Jordan Feldstein decided to get married in Las Vegas on November 17, but had immediate regrets. While Eastwood denied alcohol had any impact on their decision to get married -- she claimed she doesn't drink -- TMZ reports that sources told the site that a drunken bender was responsible for the impulsive decision to say "I do" in front of an Elvis impersonator.

TMZ obtained a copy of the pair's marriage license after the wedding, but suspected the union had gone south when Eastwood was photographed without her wedding ring just one day after the ceremony. She and Feldstein have never been photographed together, so it's unclear how long they had been together before they got hitched.

Eastwood, 20, is best known for her appearance on soon-to-be-ex-stepmom Dina Eastwood's reality show, where her relationship with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields was chronicled. Feldstein, Hill's older brother, is a music manager who represents artists including Maroon 5 and Robin Thicke.

[via: TMZ, h/t HuffPost Entertainment]
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