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Disney's "Frozen" is many things -- the latest in their long and illustrious (not to mention insanely profitable) line of Disney Princess films, a new animated classic, one of the very best movies of the year -- and in those traditions, the movie introduces audiences to a brilliant new animated sidekick, Olaf (Josh Gad), the chatty, summer-loving snowman. He might be one of the breakout stars of the year, even though he doesn't have any vertebrae.

Olaf is a snowman created by Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) when they were both just children. Later, when Elsa's magical snow powers enchant the entire kingdom, Olaf springs to life, aiding Anna in her quest to make Elsa end the snowy apocalypse. Olaf dreams of a world where summer returns, unaware that it will be lights out for him (one of the movie's best songs is an upbeat ditty Olaf sings called "In Summer"), and wants to help any way he can. He's simply adorable.

It's Olaf's excellence that got us thinking about the best sidekicks in Disney animation history. Some disclaimers: 1. we've stuck to more mainstream fare -- we could easily get lost down a wormhole of Disney miscellanea but we will spare you (for now); and 2. these are all heroic Disney sidekicks. Villainous sidekicks are their own kettle of fish (and are sadly lacking in "Frozen," although there is a big, scary snowman named Marshmallow).

So, sit back with your favorite sidekick and soak in our list of ten of the very best Disney animated sidekicks.
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