judd apatow train wreckJudd Apatow's next movie is going to be a "Train Wreck."

That's the working title for the film, to feature comedienne and Comedy Central star Amy Schumer, who, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will play "a basket case who tries to rebuild her life." THR reports that the film has already begun casting, and the production is still looking to snag people to play the parts of Schumer's boyfriend, best friend, and parent.

Apatow has met with actors in L.A. throughout the past month. Schumer and producer Barry Mendel are set to continue additional meetings in New York this week.

Apatow taking the directing reins is good news for the project, which was announced this summer. At the time, Apatow was only attached to produce and help write the script, so the director also deciding to get behind the lens must bode well for its quality.

Studio Universal is behind the project and it's believed that they see in Schumer another funny female movie star along the lines of Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. If this "Train Wreck" turns out to be anything but, Schumer may be in for a smooth Hollywood ride.

[via The Hollywood Reporter, h/t The Playlist]
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