road house remake
Another '80s action flick is getting a remake: Patrick Swayze-starring "Road House."

The 1989 film featured Swayze as a bouncer with a shady past who's hired to work at a Missouri watering hole, where he soon runs into trouble with the locals. The remake already has a script (written by Michael Stokes) and the project just hired veteran action director Rob Cohen.

Cohen helmed the first "Fast and the Furious" movie, as well as "XXX" and last year's Tyler Perry box-office bomb "Alex Cross." So he's had a mixed bag, success-wise. Maybe "Road House" is his ticket to redemption?

Cohen's currently shooting "The Boy Next Door," starring Jennifer Lopez as "a psychotic MILF," per The Hollywood Reporter. Expect "Road House" up next on the director's docket once that project wraps.

[via: The Wrap, h/t Vulture]
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