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Woody Allen's "Hannah and Her Sisters" is a movie that features not just one but three Thanksgiving celebrations, all hosted by Mia Farrow's earth-mother Hannah character over three consecutive Novembers, that come off without a hitch. They're picture-perfect holiday gatherings worthy of Norman Rockwell or Martha Stewart, even though her extended family is so big it requires two impeccably golden-brown turkeys at the feast table.

That's the exception.

In most films depicting the November holiday, Thanksgiving is a disaster. From travel nightmares to squabbling relatives to kitchen catastrophes, almost no one in the movies is able to stage a Thanksgiving that looks even remotely like a Rockwell painting or a Stewart magazine spread. Of course, since most of us fall similarly short of perfection at our real-life Thanksgivings, we can identify with both the frazzled hosts and irked guests we see on the big screen.

So, if you need to feel better about your own thankless Thanksgiving, here are 11 terrible Turkey Days you can watch. Have a little schadenfreude with your candied yams.