Can Aquaman ever catch a break?

DC Comics has launched several of its superheroes into highly-successful screen adaptations -- Superman and Batman in blockbuster movies, and Green Arrow in a successful television series. But the water-based Aquaman hasn't been able to transfer his popularity from comics to film. The closest he's gotten is a joke on HBO's "Entourage."

"He become a little bit of a joke," Geoff Johns, DC Entertainment's chief creative officer, told Variety. "Suddenly, he was nobody's favorite super hero."

But DC Entertainment is doing its darndest to change that. "He's a priority character for the company," Johns said.

With Marvel celebrating a string of recent hits like "Iron Man," "The Avengers," and "Thor," DC Entertainment is trying to make stars out of its stable of characters. The Flash is appearing on The CW's "Green Arrow," with an eye toward a spin-off, and Batman ally Commissioner Gordon will be the focus of a pilot.

For Aquaman, DC's execs are looking to cross his storylines with the Justice League's, and the company is planning an animated tale to be released on DVD. Johns also brought in a new writer, Jeff Parker, to freshen up the comic series. And the focus of recent issues has been less on Aquaman's royal connections to Atlantis, and more on developing his personality (which has been criticized as "bland" and "boring") and relationships with his wife, enemies, and other supporting characters.

If the rehab is successful, no doubt DC Entertainment will be eager for Aquaman to make a splash in theaters. Calling Vinny Chase!

[via Variety]
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