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One of the last movies actor Paul Walker completed before his tragic death this past weekend was "Hours," a drama set against the raging backdrop of Hurricane Katrina. After his wife (Genesis Rodriguez) dies while giving birth to their premature baby, Walker's Nolan Hayes has to battle the elements as the hospital floods and is evacuated.

The film, which played at the South by Southwest Film Festival earlier this year (to strong but not over-the-moon notices), looks fairly intense and heavier on the actual acting (since Walker had been largely relegated to glowering behind the wheel of various muscle cars in the "Fast and Furious" movies). As Nolan, Walker does everything he can to save his infant daughter -- a desperate situation laid bare in the following trailer.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Walker's death in a single-car crash this past weekend, the film's producers have said that they plan on sticking by the film's already-announced December 13 release schedule, in both theaters and on VOD. "Paul would have very much wanted us to move forward. He was incredibly proud of this project. We did a press junket two weeks ago, and I remember sitting with him and how excited he was for people to see this movie. He really looked to this movie to show people that he is an actor," "Hours" producer Peter Safran told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview just hours after the accident that killed both Walker and the car's driver, Roger Rodas. "He was looking for something to showcase his acting skills, which he so rarely had the chance to do. He hit it out of the park."

Paul Presburger, CEO of Pantelion Films, the production company behind the film, added, "After lots of back and forth, this is our decision. It's Paul's tour de force. He's in every frame of the movie." ("Hours" is a co-production between Pantelion and Lionsgate.)

It's possible that this role, one of Walker's last, may prove to be one of his best. Everyone will be able to find out when the film debuts in limited release and on VOD on December 13.

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