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Chris Hemsworth's new movie, "In the Heart of the Sea," is based on a real-life disaster, but the actor and his fellow cast and crew members were nearly part of a disaster of their own when their film set had to be evacuated yesterday due to flash flooding.

Page Six reports that Hemsworth, pictured above on set last month, was in La Gorma, Canary Islands, off the coast of North Africa, in the midst of shooting with director Ron Howard, when local authorities ordered the production to evacuate the area. Howard tweeted about the incident, posting photos of rushing water, mud, and falling rocks. Howard added that everyone evacuated to higher ground safely, noting that "all cast & crew waded to cars (calf deep) & made it out b-4 roads closed." Neighboring island Tenerife was not so lucky; five people died there, and hundreds lost their homes and power.

Brian Grazer, Howard's producing partner, said the area experienced a "near-typhoon," a rare natural disaster for that part of the globe. Grazer added that while the entire cast and crew was safe, production on "In the Heart of the Sea" has been put on hold for the time being.

"Sea" is based on the true story that inspired Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick." It tells the tale of a New England ship that was destroyed by a whale in 1820, and the crew's efforts to survive at sea in the aftermath.

[via Page Six]
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