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Who is Oscar Isaac? He stars as a fictitious '60s folk singer in the new Coen Brothers' film "Inside Llewyn Davis," and although he's made plenty of films you've probably seen, he's seemingly come out of nowhere, so much so that a reporter at Cannes (where the film won the Grand Prix award) asked the actor, "Where have you come from?"

The 33-year-old was born in Guatemala, raised in Miami, and educated at Juilliard. He's been acting for more than 10 years, just in roles that haven't gotten him a lot of attention -- until now.

Even if you remember him from "Drive" or "Robin Hood," you've likely never heard him sing before, but he's actually been singing for years. Before breaking out as an actor, he sang and played lead guitar in the band The Blinking Underdogs.

Since you'll likely be seeing a lot more of Isaac, here's a handy guide to all the movies you might have seen or missed him in.

Francesco in 'All About the Benjamins' (2002) In Isaac's screen debut, he played an assistant at a high-end photo shoot. He loses it when the prima donna director calls him Francesco, shouting, "My name is Frank!" (at 1:31 in this clip). Sadly, the director has the last word in this crime drama, co-written by and starring Ice Cube.

Joseph in 'The Nativity Story' (2006) This Biblical epic was Isaac's first major film role, opposite Keisha Castle-Hughes of "Whale Rider" as Mary. Catherine Hardwicke (who directed the first "Twilight") directed this one.

Bassam in 'Body of Lies' (2008)
Clip is NSFW (language, violence) As CIA officer Roger Ferris's (Leonardo DiCaprio) righthand man, Bassam is right in the middle of some very dangerous action in Iraq in this Ridley Scott film.

José Ramos-Horta in 'Balibo' (2009) Isaac was awarded the Australian Film Institute Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as a man fighting for the freedom of East Timor (and the country's real-life future president) who alerts a journalist to the plight of five missing TV reporters.

Prince John in 'Robin Hood' (2010) As the villainous, hot-headed (but undeniably sexy) Prince John, Isaac got to walk around naked in front of his mom, bed hot babes, declare Robin Hood (Robin Hood) an outlaw, and kind of steal the show from the far more dour Crowe.

Blue Jones in 'Sucker Punch' (2011) In this highly stylized action film, an institutionalized girl, Babydoll (Emily Browning), envisions she's in a fantasy world instead of an asylum, and that Blue Jones (Isaac) is not an orderly but a vicious mobster.

Evgeni in 'W.E.' (2011) In Madonna's film debut, Isaac plays a sympathetic security guard at an exhibit of items once owned by Wallis Simpson. He's drawn to an unhappily married woman (Abbie Cornish), who's obsessed with the woman for whom King Edward abdicated. We can't wait for her to leave her jerk of a husband and get with Evgeni already.

Standard in 'Drive' (2011) When Irene's (Carey Mulligan) husband Standard gets out of prison, he goes next door to thank the nameless driver, played by Ryan Gosling, for looking after her. The scene has the tension anyone would expect from someone whose wife has been getting a lot of attention lately from a brooding hottie like Gosling.

Reeves in '10 Years' (2012) In this film about high school friends attending their 10-year reunion -- starring Channing Tatum, Justin Long, and Rosario Dawson -- Isaac showed off his musical skills, performing his own song "Never Had," which was also on the soundtrack.

Number Three in 'The Bourne Legacy' (2012) Isaac had a small role in this Bourne sequel as an operative at a remote Alaska cabin. He tells Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) he's broken all mission records getting to the cabin and warns him, "You ask too many questions."

Michael Perry in 'Won't Back Down' (2012) Isaac charms Maggie Gyllenhaal as a singing teacher in this indie film about efforts to turn around a failing inner-city school.

Bonus! Llewyn Davis in 'Inside Llewyn Davis' (2013) Isaac is a revelation as the struggling folk singer with a voice of gold but no place to call home in this wryly funny and largely atypical Coen Bros. movie. He sings several songs, including the traditional tune, "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me," that opens the movie, which he arranged with musical producer T. Bone Burnett.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" is in select theaters Friday, December 6, and opens nationwide December 20.
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