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Greed is very good for Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Wolf of Wall Street."

In this exclusive clip from Martin Scorsese's latest film, based on former stockbroker Jordan Belfort's memoir of the same name, a wide-eyed Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill) approaches Jordan (DiCaprio) with one question: "You make a lot of money?"

After all, Jordan has a gleaming new Jag sitting outside in the parking lot, yet they live in the same building.

"Yeah, I do all right for myself," Jordan answers nonchalantly. Of course, to him, "all right" means $72,000 a month. We wonder what "doing great" would mean.

Also starring Matthew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, Jean Dujardin, Margot Robbie, and Rob Reiner, "The Wolf of Wall Street" opens in theaters on Christmas Day.
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The Wolf of Wall Street
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