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The holiday classic "A Christmas Story" answered the age-old question: What happens when you stick your tongue to a pole in winter? Now, public performance group Improv Everywhere is answering another: What happens when you stick your tongue to an NYC subway car pole?

Turns out, the same thing, though that was the point of the group's latest display, which re-created the "Christmas Story" scene for a lucky group of commuters.

In the following video, a trio of winter-garbed kids clamber onto the car, arguing about the truth to the rumor that your tongue will freeze to the pole, until one kid tests out the theory for himself. Thankfully, the actor uses a prosthetic tongue with a magnet (a lot more than the pole would've stuck to the kid had he used his real one) to achieve the same effect, though it's still amusing. A cameo from a firefighter at the next stop also amps up the scene's faithfulness to its film inspiration.

Watch the clip and just try not to smile. We triple-dog dare you.

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