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With the highly anticipated cinematic adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey" having recently started production, targeting a Valentine's Day 2015 release, its cast is finally being filled out. The latest addition is Dylan Neal, an actor you've probably never heard of unless you watch a pair of highly rated, critically derided network series. Deadline broke the news that he's been tapped to play Anastasia Steele's stepdad, which Universal confirmed.

Neal will play Bob Adams, the "new and well-grounded fourth husband" (in Entertainment Weekly's words) of Jennifer Ehle's character, Carla. Carla's daughter Anastasia is, of course, being played by the unreasonably adorable Dakota Johnson, with Jamie Dornan starring opposite her as Christian Grey (having stepped in last minute for Charlie Hunnam). Other members of the cast include Marcia Gay Harden, Eloise Mumford, Luke Grimes, Rita Ora, and Max Martini.

If you've never heard of Neal, that's okay -- the 44-year-old Canadian actor plays Dr. Ivo on The CW's "Arrow," and he co-stars with Andie McDowell in "Cedar Grove," a Hallmark Channel series that starts shooting its second season this spring. For a guy you've never heard of he's awfully busy, huh?

The adaptation of EL James's sexy bestseller, which originated as "Twilight" fan fiction, is being directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, from a script by "Saving Mr. Banks" screenwriter Kelly Marcel. Expect it to be like "Nymphomaniac" for moms.

[via Deadline h/t EW]
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