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This weekend, Oscar Isaac navigates the early 1960s folk scene as he determinedly searches for success in "Inside Llewyn Davis," and Christian Bale proves a brothers' bond has no limits in the dramatic "Out of the Furnace."
Inside Llewyn Davis- Trailer No.3
The newest Coen brothers' film, "Inside Llewyn Davis," stars Oscar Isaac, Justin Timberlake, and Carey Mulligan as aspiring folk musicians in 1960s Greenwich Village. The story follows Davis (Isaac) over a one-week period as he traverses the local music scene and attempts to make a name for himself, all while staying true to his art. "Inside Llewyn Davis," the Coens' first film since 2010's "True Grit," has been making the rounds on the festival circuit since May, when the film premiered at Cannes and won its Grand Prix award.
Out of the Furnace - Trailer No. 2
"Out of the Furnace," Scott Cooper's follow-up to 2009's award-winning "Crazy Heart," stars Christian Bale in a contemporary tale of heartbreak set against the backdrop of the Rust Belt. Bale plays Russell Baze, a mill worker in a dying Pennsylvania town who will stop at nothing to find his missing brother (Casey Affleck) and get revenge against those responsible for his disappearance. The star-studded cast is rounded out by Zoe Saldana, Forest Whitaker, Woody Harrelson, Willem Dafoe, and Sam Shepard.

Also, in limited release this week:
  • In "Expecting," Lizzie (Radha Mitchell) struggles to conceive with her husband, but when her best friend (Michelle Monaghan) gets pregnant following a one-night stand, Lizzie offers to raise the baby.
  • "Khumba" follows a rejected, half-striped zebra that begins a bold quest to earn his stripes. In the process, he finds the courage to save all the animals in the kingdom.
  • "Last Days on Mars" stars Liev Schreiber as a member of the first manned mission to Mars. After collecting a mysterious bacterial sample, things go dreadfully awry for the crew.
  • "Paradise: Hope," the final installment in Ulrich Seidl's "Paradise" trilogy, tells the story of overweight 13-year-old Melanie and her first love.
  • The documentary "A Journey to Planet Sanity" follows Blake Freeman and 69-year-old LeRoy on a hilarious cross-country journey to debunk aliens and all things paranormal.
  • In the action-thriller "Swerve," Colin (David Lyons) finds a suitcase full of money and a beautiful woman at the site of a car accident, a discovery that lands him in the middle of a dangerous scheme.

What are you most excited to see this weekend?
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