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Following his breakup with Disney, uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer has a new dance partner: Paramount Pictures.

TheWrap reports that Bruckheimer has officially signed a three-year deal with Paramount Pictures. The producer's relationship with Disney -- which yielded "Pearl Harbor," "The Rock," and the blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise -- ended in September.

"I will have the freedom and opportunity to make various kinds of pictures, which I didn't have at Disney," he told TheWrap of his decision.

Bruckheimer made "Top Gun" and "Beverly Hills Cop" with Paramount, so it's no surprise that those two properties are high on his "to do" list.

"We would very much like to continue with [a 'Top Gun' sequel]," Bruckheimer said. Late director Tony Scott had "a great beat on how to redo it, and we would like to follow that along."

However, Deadline reports that a reboot of "Cop" will likely come first, under director Brett Ratner, with Bruckheimer telling Variety that a promising new draft for the Eddie Murphy movie just came in.

Any projects Bruckheimer started at Disney will stay there, unless the studio passes on them. "Pirates of the Caribbean 5," which is still being written, will remain with Disney.

Bruckheimer is hopeful that his partnership with Paramount will allow him to make different kinds of movies. "We want to spread our wings," he said. "I make movies I want to see, and I don't just want to see the PG movies. I want to see hard PG-13 and R movies. 'Black Hawk Down' is a picture I loved making."

We're all for more movies like "Black Hawk Down"!

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Jerry Bruckheimer, Disney Split After Nearly 20 Years
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