Supercut of the Ultimate Christmas Movies
If you aren't in the holiday spirit by now, then we have a little video that will, shy of pour you a glass of frothy eggnog or singing you a Christmas carol, put you directly into the yuletide mood. It's a "supercut" of famous Christmas movies and it's pretty much a blast.

While there are some odd decisions (why so many scenes from "Christmas With the Kranks?") and omissions (the rich "Christmas horror" subgenre is missing almost entirely and animated films are also pretty much absent), it's still a really fun little reel to watch, especially if you are finding yourself low in the Christmastime joy department.

The video was put together by the fine folks over at Screen Junkies, who are also responsible for the gut-busting "Honest Trailers" series, and so there is a fair amount of irreverence to go along with all the heart-tugging, mistletoe-crouching feel good vibes. Our favorite moment was when it just gave it over to Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) for a couple of seconds so he could unleash his gooey line reading of "Now I have a machine gun, ho ho ho." Ah, "Die Hard." Could we love you any more?

Watch for yourself. What would you have included that they didn't? And, more importantly, what should they have trimmed out, like an overtly full poinsettia plant?