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If you've seen the ads for "American Hustle," you already know there's some epic hair happening. The good folks at New York magazine's fashion blog, The Cut, chatted up Evelyne Noraz and Katherine Gordon, the artists behind the elaborate coifs perched on the heads (and chests) of David O. Russell's stars.

Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper show off some rather unique coifs, finely manicured facial hair, and even carefully tended chest hair. These two dudes spent about three hours in hair and makeup, getting everything from their facial hair to their head and chest hair fixed up.

Noraz, who worked as the makeup department head, told The Cut, " They did a lot with Bradley Cooper. They made him darker. He was probably in there every day for two to two-and-a-half hours. Lori McCoy-Bell rolled his hair with perm rollers, he was under the dryer every day... Christian [Bale] was very involved with creating his look, more so than any other actor. He asked to have more hair on the chest, to create a full hairy chest. His thought was that when men lose their hair on top, they have more chest hair."

In addition to Bale's added bulk, he also rocked an elaborate combover. Gordon said, "Christian's hair was all of his real hair, except for a small hair strip we used once in a while. The process of creating Christian's comb-over was intensive and took two days." She also revealed that the opening scene, showing Bale doing his own hair, was 100 percent real.

Then there was Jennifer Lawrence's sky-high hair and long red nails, which are almost as fabulous as her Long Island accent. And Amy Adams - oh, Amy Adams! Her décolletage stole many scenes, but her luscious locks are easily as impressive.

To get the full scoop on the hirsute cast, and just how director David O. Russell helped create their looks, read the full interview at The Cut.
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