This isn't Tom Cruise's first time at the rodeo, kids.

In a terrible twist on "Groundhog Day," "Edge of Tomorrow" has Cruise playing a space soldier who has to keep living out his last day on Earth. And it's not a pleasant day, either. Cruise's character dies in a massive battle with aliens and so does everyone else, except for an awesome-looking Emily Blunt, who instructs him to find her when he wakes up. "What happened to you happened to me," she reveals, and tells him to keep returning to her for training. Guess that's why he's stuck in that time loop! But who is she really, and why does she appear in a giant inspirational mural on the side of a building? So many questions!

Formerly known as " Live.Die.Repeat." and "All You Need Is Kill," "Edge of Tomorrow" looks like it will have plenty of action to spare, but what about the story? Emily Blunt is a strong actress with good sci-fi creds, but Tom Cruise's last trip to space, "Oblivion," wasn't too well received. On the other hand, director Doug Liman has his fair share of tense actioners under his belt, such as "The Bourne Identity." As we all know, the future comes with a sparse electronic soundtrack.

"Edge of Tomorrow" is slated for release on June 6, 2014.
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Edge of Tomorrow
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