tina fey amy poehler golden globes 2014
If you weren't already excited for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's upcoming second stint as Golden Globes hosts (though let's face it, you probably were), three new promos for the upcoming telecast should do the trick.

The trio of clips (below) feature Fey and Poehler promoting their hosting gig the best way they know how: by being hilariously awkward. In one promo, the gals reveal why they're back for the show, with Tina exclaiming, "Because we're in love with each other!" at the same time Amy says, "Because we're best friends!"

Another clip has the ladies balancing precariously atop a grand piano, contorting their bodies as they gleefully proclaim that the show will be "the grandest" Globes telecast ever because they're planning on staying on the piano all night.

The last promo is a bit of a retread from the first one NBC released, featuring the BFFs rehearsing for their opening number. Amy pounds away at the piano (even using her foot at one point) while Tina practices her seriously impressive high kicks.

We can't wait. The Golden Globes air on NBC on January 12, 2014.