The title of Simon Pegg's new film, "A Fantastic Fear of Everything," sums up the plot quite perfectly, as evidenced by the movie's trailer.

Pegg stars as Jack, a children's writer -- his most iconic creation is a lovable hedgehog -- who decides to take a turn in his career and write a crime novel about Victorian serial killers and their twisted motives. But while researching the book, Jack's findings thoroughly freak him out, to the point where he envisions killers are also on the hunt for him, illustrated through lavish, eerie fantasy sequences that wouldn't look out of place in a Tim Burton film.

The neurotic, paranoid Jack seems to fit Pegg's acting chops to a T, especially when he's awkward and bumbling around his love interest, played by actress Amara Karan, who just happens to frequent a laundromat that for some reason gives Jack the willies.

"I'm sick of these irrational fears," Jack declares. " ... It's stopping me from living my life."

Just how successful Jack is in overcoming those fears remains to be seen, but judging by the trailer's whimsy, it should be an entertaining journey.

"A Fantastic Fear of Everything" is available via video on demand and iTunes on January 7. It will have a limited theatrical release beginning on February 7.

[via: Coming Soon]