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Proving that there's still at least one classic TV show that hasn't gotten a movie adaptation, Deadline is reporting that "Gilligan's Island" is now headed for the big screen, starring Josh Gad.

It's unclear what character Gad would play, though it will most likely be the titular castaway, or perhaps the Skipper. Gad is co-writing the project with Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez.

"Gilligan's Island" focused on a group of seven castaways who washed up on an island after their scenic boat tour ran into a storm that threw them off course. The series, created in 1964 by Sherwood Schwartz (the man behind other classic '60s series "The Brady Bunch"), ran for three seasons on CBS and spawned three movie specials; it was also a huge hit in syndication.

Schwartz's sons, Lloyd Schwartz and Ross Schwartz, are co-producing the project alongside Cathy Silvers and Tracey Silvers. Here's hoping that family connection ensures this version of "Gilligan" stays true to the kooky spirit of the original.

[via Deadline]
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