It's "Speed" meets the orchestra in the trailer for "Grand Piano," a new thriller starring Elijah Wood that has one of the quirkiest premises we've seen in a long time.

Wood stars as Tom Selznick, a concert pianist whose crippling stage fright has kept him out of the spotlight for five years, earning him the nickname "Failznick" and the descriptor of "the new Rachmaninoff -- if only he didn't choke." Now, Tom's trying start a comeback, beginning with a big concert in his hometown to a sold-out crowd -- which includes a madman who wants Tom dead.

Played with intense ferocity by a little-seen John Cusack, Tom's tormentor scribbles a menacing note in his sheet music: "Play one wrong note and you die." Tom sees the red dot from the gun sight and knows Cusack's character is for real. Oh yeah, and if Tom calls for help, his wife dies, too.

The trailer strikes the perfect balance between dread and a knowing wink to the absurdity of the premise, and Wood is great as the insecure and increasingly-unraveling Tom. His tormentor's motives remain a mystery -- "I want you to play the most flawless concert of your life" Cusack hisses into Tom's ear -- but he's got us on the hook.

"Grand Piano" premieres on video on demand and iTunes on January 30, 2014. It opens in select theaters on March 7, 2014.
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Grand Piano
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A concert pianist who has stage fright finds a threatening note written on his sheet music just moments... Read More