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Moviefone's Top DVD of the Week
"Ain't Them Bodies Saints"
What's It About? This little Texan indie is part romance and part dramatic thriller. Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara, and Ben Foster headline this top-notch cast about a man on the run, the woman he loves, and the sheriff who tries to get between them. (Not in a romantic way, just, you know, because he's a man of the law and Affleck's character broke out of jail.)
Why We're IN: It's a slow and sweet Sundance favorite, and the Texas weather looks a whole lot hotter than the snow most of us are dealing with every day.

Moviefone's Top Blu-ray of the Week
"Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde" (1920) - Deluxe Edition
What's It About? John Barrymore stars as Dr. Jekyll and evil Edward Hyde in this classic silent horror film directed by John S. Robertson. Scientific experiments! Debauchery! Murder!
Why We're IN: Although horror fans quibble over who's version of this morality tale is best, no one can argue over Barrymore's transformation from good to evil. Plus, Kino Lorber's Blu-ray is from a 35mm negative of the film.

New on DVD & Blu-ray
"Devil's Pass"
What's It About? College students jaunt off to Russia to investigate the mystery of Dyatlov's Pass, where nine hikers died for unknown reasons. (One was missing her tongue, which is not a good sign.) This found footage flick is about what happens to the college students on their way through the Ural Mountains - it definitely can't have been anything good. Renny Harlin directs.
IN or OUT: Reviews are mixed, but if you like late night horror flicks, why not?

What's It About? A future where rich people get to live on a clean, nice space station far away from the filth and violence the rest of us have to deal with here on Earth. Matt Damon stars as a dude who becomes more machine than man as he fights his way onto Elysium. Jodie Foster's character is determined to keep low-class scum away from her precious space station.
IN or OUT: Fans of Neill Blomkamp's "District 9" might be more disappointed than those looking for a big, silly, shoot-y, dystopian action film, but maybe not!

"The Family"
What's It About? Robert De Niro plays a grumpy old mobster who's sent to France with his family under the witness protection program. Michelle Pfeiffer co-stars as his firebug wife, and Tommy Lee Jones is all jowls and sighs as their beleaguered handler.
IN or OUT: OUT. Definitely not the finest moment for this cast, or for director Luc Besson.

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"Force of Execution"
What's It About? Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, and Ving Rhames star in this straight-to-DVD action film. With Seagal as a mobster, Trejo as a heavy in a Mexican cartel, and Rhames as some badass known as The Iceman, well, this movie has all its action clichés sorted.

"Ghost Team One"
What's It About? In the vein of the "Scary Movie" franchise, "Ghost Team One" is about roomies who fall in love with a sexy ghost. Yep. Luckily, they also know a sexy ghost hunter lady! What goes better with found footage than fratty sex jokes?
IN or OUT: OUT, out, damned spot.

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"Kick-Ass 2"
What's It About? Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chloe Moretz are back as the crime-fighting pair Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, and this time they're joined by the nutty Colonel Stars and Stripes, played by Jim Carrey. Unfortunately, Hit-Girl has to learn about the treachery of high school girls before she, Kick-Ass, and the Colonel can take down The Motherf****r (Christopher Mintz-Plasse).
IN or OUT: OUT. Re-watch the original instead.

"The Lone Ranger"
What's It About? Armie Hammer stars as the dreamy masked man who fights for justice in the old West! Johnny Depp shows up as Tonto, because he's Johnny Depp and he does what he wants. Depp's old pal Gore Verbinski directs this troubled Disney action film.
IN or OUT: Most people have been out (paying audiences were, anyway), but "The Lone Ranger" has some fervent supporters in surprising corners. Your mileage may vary.

"One Direction: This Is Us"
What's It About? Morgan Spurlock directs this concert doc about the super-sized boy band, which consists of Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Harry Styles' hair. They sing and dance and make fans of all ages and genders scream with delight!
IN or OUT: Let's face it, 1D fans. This is as close as most of us are gonna get. IN.

"Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters"
What's It About? Logan Lerman returns as the eponymous teen hero of this action/fantasy franchise. It's a would-be "Harry Potter" world of teens with magical powers and crazy adventures; this time around, Percy (son of Poseidon) heads to the Bermuda Triangle with his pals on a quest to snag the Golden Fleece.
IN or OUT: OUT. Sorry, there's only room for one magical teen adventurer in our hearts, Percy.

WATCH: Go Behind-The-Scenes with the Cast of "Sea of Monsters" (VIDEO)
What's It About? Hugh Jackman plays a dad who's kid has been 'napped, but the police officer sent to investigate (Jake Gyllenhaal) can only do so much before he has to let the suspect (Paul Dano) go. What will this freaked-out father do? What won't he do, is more like it.
IN or OUT: If you're okay with some dark, violent material, you'll be IN.

WATCH: Hugh Jackman Discusses the Drama of "Prisoners" (VIDEO)
"The Sound of Music Live!"
What's It About? It's the DVD of NBC's live rendition of "The Sound of Music," with Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer of "True Blood" fame. Also, nuns and Nazis.
IN or OUT: OUT, unless you're into "The Room" and drinking games.

New to Blu-ray
"Predator" (1987) - 3D Edition
What's It About? Arnold Schwarzenegger is a special ops dude named Dutch trying to rescue some hostages with his team in Central America when they come across a frigging futuristic and murderous alien who is also almost invisible. Carl Weathers and Jesse Ventura co-star as bad asses.
IN or OUT: Depends on how passionate you feel about the series. Casual fans looking for a cool 3D experience will definitely be OUT.
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Ain't Them Bodies Saints
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