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In this week's "Her," Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his computer's new operating system, which calls itself Samantha and has the breathy voice of Scarlett Johansson. (If Siri sounded like Scar-Jo, maybe I would use it...) They go on dates together, have sex, and occasionally bicker, all of which are supposedly facets of real human love.

And it's true -- the movie casts its singularly powerful spell not only because their relationship feels so real in human terms, but because it's not all that hard to imagine one slipping into a relationship with an artificial life form. How many relationships in your life are facilitated primarily due to a complex network of technological crutches -- a Facebook message here, a few text messages, maybe Skype?

So, it's with that in mind (and Royksopp and Robyn's "The Girl and the Robot" on repeat), we decided to run down the most seductive artificial intelligences in cinematic history.
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