What would you do if you somehow saw your present-day self in footage from your seventh birthday party? For teenager David and his friends, that means finding instructions to build a time machine and testing it out themselves.

That's the premise of "Welcome to Yesterday," as David and his friends uncover his father's time machine (or a "second chance machine," as one of them puts it) and use it to improve their lives. High school chemistry, playing pranks on their past selves, winning the lottery -- all are conquered.

"I love time travel," declares one member of David's posse, surrounded by bikini-clad babes at a music festival.

But of course, time starts to catch up with the friends as they realize that all their traveling has had some sort of odd ripple effect on the rest of the world, causing plane crashes and natural disasters to abound. David is determined to go back to the time before he discovered the machine and reset the clock -- but it may be too late.

"Welcome to Yesterday" hits theaters on February 28, 2014.
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