art of the steal trailerRadiusTWC

Take "Ocean's Eleven," then make it scrappier and less suave and you've got "Art of the Steal."

A new trailer shows that this heist movie isn't trying to break new ground. Kurt Russell plays a washed-up motorcycle stunt driver who puts together a ragtag team to steal the rarest of books, the Gutenberg Bible.

"This is the one we're all going to be remembered for," Russell promises.

And like any other caper movie, he's surrounded by people with kicky titles, like "The Idea Man" (Matt Dillon), "The Forger" (Chris Diamantopoulos), and "The Apprentice" (Jay Baruchel). And of course, there's The Girl (Kathryn Winnick).

Naturally, there's a very complicated plan which goes totally awry. How ever will they complete their task?

"Art of the Steal" sneaks first onto video-on-demand February 7, then into theaters on March 14.
The Art of the Steal
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A semireformed art thief agrees to pull off one final heist with his untrustworthy brother. Read More