Best Movies of 2013Everett

2013 was an amazing year for movies. Amazing. There seemed to be some new cult classic, foreign gem or American masterpiece opening every single weekend -- sometimes multiple movies each week. It was an embarrassment of riches, especially for those of us who get the pleasure to write about movies for an incredibly meager (but creatively and intellectually satisfying) living.

And what's more, in 2013 you didn't have to trek to the theater to see the giant movies. Countless films that I missed screening I could just watch on iTunes or On Demand -- on the same weekend. This is how I saw things like Ryan Gosling's violent, misunderstood thriller "Only God Forgives" or the terrific documentary on George A. Romero's zombie classic, "Birth of the Living Dead."

While there were a handful of lightning rod movies that people couldn't stop talking (or writing) about, for every "12 Years a Slave" there were 12 other equally interesting movies that fell through the cracks. In the spirit of end-of-the-year completion, I offer up ten of the very best movies of the year... that you probably didn't see. Most are on home video or on demand now, or will be quite shortly.
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