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Jim (Adam Sandler) and Lauren (Drew Barrymore) go on a terrible first date. Like, the kind people start novels with. It's at Hooters, and there are a few gross-out gags, like when Lauren guzzles down French onion soup and spews the bread at Jim. Dating stinks! And then the restaurant switches up their credit cards, so that requires an even more awkward second meeting.

But, wait! It gets worse. Lauren's sister (Wendi McLendon-Covey) just got dumped by Jim's boss, which sucks because they were just planning a trip to Africa. Guess where Lauren and Jim and their kids all end up? In Africa! Together! Crazy, right? Who would have guessed?

Terry Crews, Kevin Nealon, and a whole bunch of other people show up to take part in the hijinks. Is it a feel-good family comedy with dance numbers? Or a sexy/gross adult comedy in the vein of "There's Something About Mary"? Or should we just go back and time and ritually sacrifice "The Wedding Singer" to ward off future collaborations between Sandler and Barrymore like this?

We'll find out May 23, 2014.
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Recently divorced mom Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and widowed dad Jim (Adam Sandler) let their friends push... Read More