joaquin phoenix villain batman vs. supermanFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

There's a Batman. There's a Superman. Now all these two superheroes need is a villain, and if Warner Bros. gets their way, he'll be played by Joaquin Phoenix.

Variety reports that the studio wants to sign Phoenix as the main villain in "Batman vs. Superman" opposite Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. But the question is: Does he want to do it?

The Oscar-nominated actor is once again receiving awards buzz for his performance in Spike Jonze's "Her," and has rarely taken roles in big blockbusters. His last few movies have all been small indie films, and the next movie possibly on his radar is the Gus Van Sant project "Sea of Trees."

Neither Warner Bros. nor Phoenix's reps made a comment to Variety.

While Phoenix shies away from major studio pics, he may see potential in playing an outsized superhero villain. After all, Heath Ledger received an Oscar nomination as the Joker in "The Dark Knight." Which villain Warner Bros. is casting for is unknown, though Variety believes it to be Lex Luthor. Perhaps Phoenix would want a similar opportunity to give an iconic performance.

"Batman vs. Superman" flies into theaters July 17, 2015.
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