transcendence teaser trailerWarner Bros.

When it comes to opinions on artificial intelligence, there are usually two camps: It's either super cool, or it's super creepy.

Johnny Depp is part of the first group in "Transcendence," in which he stars as Dr. Will Caster, an A.I. researcher who's developing a sentient machine that will combine all the world's knowledge with the full range of human emotion.

"Some scientists refer to this as singularity," Will narrates in the film's first teaser. "I call it transcendence."

Will's quest for transcendence doesn't sit well with a group of protestors, who want to stop him from achieving his goal. But their efforts only fuel his drive, and as he sets out to prove them wrong, his rage consumes him and he gets swept up into his own experiment. The closing shot of the clip shows a thoroughly deranged-looking Deep leering at the camera, his pixelated image made up of the very neurons and data he's looking to harness.

We'll see if Will succeeds -- and makes it out alive -- when "Transcendence" opens April 18, 2014.
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The consciousness of a mortally wounded scientist (Johnny Depp) is uploaded into a computer. Read More