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Apparently, there is going to be a "Point Break" remake (we had kind of forgotten too). The 1991 classic, about a band of surfing, skydiving bank robbers, is scheduled to get a big screen overhaul, but you can count out one potential participant: original star Keanu Reeves, who played an FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate the group of criminals (led by the late, great Patrick Swayze).

When the BBC (via Total Film) asked Reeves if he would be involved in the remake, he replied, "Absolutely not. It's not my place."

In fact, the star (whose period fantasy "47 Ronin" opened this week, without much fanfare) added that, while he's not opposed to the remake (being produced by Alcon Entertainment, which first announced the project in 2011), he does remain skeptical.

"If they can find a way to do it that works out good, then God bless them," Reeves told the BBC. "It sounds very exciting -- but is it a good thing? I don't know."

If you are itching for some more great Keanu action, we implore you to rent "Man of Tai Chi," which was recently released on home video. The action-thriller, which Reeves directed and co-starred in, is an obscene amount of fun and very highly recommended, especially if you want a break from the drearily serious Oscar fare.
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