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Have you ever looked at an actor or actress in a movie and thought, "I wish I could look like them"? Well, one model -- and diehard "Hobbit" fan" -- took her appreciation one step further recently when she underwent plastic surgery to have her ears shaped into points to resemble elf ears like those sported by characters in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" films.

Model Melynda Moon (who also loves "The Legend of Zelda," fairies, and pixies) explained in a YouTube video (below) that her decision to undergo ear pointing -- explained by as "a surgical procedure that involves removing a small, triangular portion from the top of your ear and then suturing the rest together" -- was in the works for several years. Moon acknowledged that many people may find her choice "completely strange," but said "it's my life."

"The elegance of the elf ear is something I adore a lot," she said in a YouTube video.

The model also encouraged those interested in the procedure to do their research about it, and find someone they trust to work with. While her ears were tender for quite some time after the surgery, Moon said the worst part of the experience was the itchy stitches.

So if you want to be the real-life Legolas or Arwen, know that anything is possible with some plastic surgery.

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