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A rumored crossover between the Fantastic Four and the X-Men probably isn't happening, according to a handful of reports that have surfaced recently.

Last week, financial site The Motley Fool claimed that studio Fox, which owns the rights to Marvel's Fantastic Four and X-Men characters, was planning a crossover similar to what Disney was doing with its Marvel properties, building a universe where its heroes could interact with one another through multiple interconnected films. The plot was said to be based on a 1980s comic plotline called "Fantastic Four vs. the X-Men" that pitted the heroes against each other and exposed a sinister origin of the Four.

But The Motley Fool ultimately retracted its story, saying that no such film was currently in development. And as The Playlist points out, comic creator and Fox producer Mark Millar already said in August, "There is NO crossover planned." So there's that.

It seems fans of Marvel's multiple Avengers-style crossovers aren't going to get any such films from Fox's Marvel properties anytime soon. Still, the X-Men and Fantastic Four are all hitting the big screen -- some multiple times -- over the next few years. Here's hoping those appearances can appease comic aficionados for now.

[via The Playlist]
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