2014 family moviesDisney

While everyone else talks about their favorite, award-worthy movies of 2013, we're looking forward to 2014's family movies, a slate full of children's book adaptations, animated sequels, and original features that you and your kids should enjoy.

While 2014 doesn't include a full-length Pixar release (we'll have to wait until 2015 for "Inside Out"), it does boast the much-anticipated follow-up to one of our favorite 3D adventures, "How to Train Your Dragon"; another "Muppets" and "Rio" movie; and the return of Angelina Jolie to the big screen as the "Sleeping Beauty" villain "Maleficent."

We're sure that something on this list will interest someone -- if not everyone -- in your family, so grab your calendar and get ready to prepare your must-watch list.

Read on for our most anticipated family movies of 2014.

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